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This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information will be used for that purpose and that this communication is from a debt collector. By nature of using the
internet, you acknowledge that this transmittal through the CONTACT LINK is a communication which “could” result in a third party disclosure because of how data
travels through various servers and computers (via the “internet”). By using this method and requesting a reply or information back, you acknowedge that the same
risk applies to any email sent back to you with any requested information. You acknowledge that the contact information you provide applies to you only and accept
the risk of a third party disclosure of information regarding a debt should you “share” or allow others access to your email, fax, cell phone and/or voice mail system
or answering device. If you provided your cell phone, for and at your convenience, you expressly consent to follow up calls to that number including the use of
technology involving an automated telephone dialer system (ATDS) as defined by the FCC and that the phone number provided belongs “to you”. You can request
calls NOT be made to your cell later should you change your mind by notifying PREFERRED CMS in writing, fax, email, or calling us at 813.251-0802.